Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Graduate Program

1. We are committed to respecting and inspiring our students, and to ensuring to a diverse and accepting environment

2. We have amazingly dedicated program co-directors, Dr. Nikhil Sharma and Dr. Yonghao Yu

3. We have a fabulous program coordinator, Joon Yoo

4. We have an exciting and talented program faculty that puts mentoring at the forefront

5. We are a newly revitalized department focused on modern problems in molecular pharmacology

6. Our students have the ability to collaborate with the best basic science faculty who are also committed to translational research

7. We are one of the top 5 medical schools for research in the U.S

8. We are part of Columbia University, one of the highest ranked universities worldwide

9. We are located in New York City, one of the best multicultural cities in the world

10. And last but not least, we have the most awesome students!