Sharma Lab

Location and Contact Information

Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics / Department of Systems Biology
Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons
Suite 7-401G
New York, NY 10032
United States

Principal Investigator

Nikhil Sharma, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Systems Biology.  Dr. Sharma received a B.S in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University, a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Harvard University and completed postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Neurobiology.

Pain is a fundamental sensation that is required for alerting organisms to persistent or acute environmental dangers.  A key focus area of the lab is to understand how neurons known as primary nociceptors can detect and transmit noxious stimuli from peripheral organs, such as the skin to the spinal cord and brain.  Our goal will be to understand the function of primary nociceptors from a developmental, molecular and neural circuit level.

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Select Publications

  • Sharma N, Flaherty K, Lezgiyeva K, Wagner DE, Klein AM, Ginty DD. 2020. The emergence of transcriptional identity in somatosensory neurons. Nature. Vol. 577:392-398. 

  • Sharma N*, Pollina EA*, Nagy MA*, Yap E-L, DiBiase FA, Hu L, Harmin DA, Greenberg ME. 2019. Arnt2 tunes activity-dependent gene expression through NCoR2-mediated repression and Npas4-mediated activation. Neuron. Vol. 102:390-406. *These authors contributed equally.

  • Bloodgood BL*, Sharma N*, Browne HA, Trepman AZ, Greenberg ME. 2013. Regulation of domain-specific inhibition by the activity-dependent transcription factor NPAS4. Nature. Vol. 503:121-125. *These authors contributed equally. 

  • Sharma N*, Deppmann CD*, Harrington A*, Hilliare C, Chen Z-Y, Lee F, Ginty DD. 2010. Long Distance Control of Synapse Assembly by Target-derived NGF. Neuron. Vol. 67:422-434. *These authors contributed equally. 

  • Deppmann CD*, Mihalas S*, Sharma N*, Lonze BE, Niebur E, Ginty DD. 2008. A Model for Neuronal Competition During Development. Science. Vol. 320:369-373. *These authors contributed equally.